Download our latest mail order catalogue of select native trees & wildflowers


For full details of our native trees, shrubs, plants and planting accessores, please see our online catalogue (pdf) to download and browse at your leisure or e-mail us for a copy by post.


We supply a full range of British trees and shrubs for any conservation amenity or forestry scheme. We strive to offer 100% British origin, native provenance stock. The sort of species that would have been present in the ancient wildwood - oak, ash, cherry, spindle etc.

Plants are available as bare-rooted (field cultivated) or rootrainer (pot-grown) stock. Orders are prepared with freshly dug plants, meticulously packed and sent anywhere in the country by express carrier.

A Wildlife Hedgerow is available by the metre.

Plants are young and vigorous, we generally send them out from 40cm to 120cm tall. If you have a large order or are within the local area we can supply larger plants 180cm to 300cm+ Plants are available November to March for bare root stock and throughout the year for container grown.


There can be few more evocative sights and scents than the spring show of bluebells, wild daffodils and snowdrops on woodland floor or hedgerow bottom. Why not brighten up your garden, a corner of your school grounds, public space or park, or enhance your new tree scheme by planting some wild bulbs.

We have nursery-grown, native provenance bulbs, tubers and rhizomes ready to send out anywhere in the country by overnight service. Available from August to the end of October. We choose the most mature bulbs to give the best possible chance of flowering next spring.

Easily planted by the youngest or least 'green fingered' person. Full planting information is sent with each order.


Common name Botanical name price
Bluebell Endymion non-scriptus 21p
Wild Daffodil Narcissus pseudonarcissus 35p
Wild Daffodil "lookalike" * Narcissus pseudonarcissus 'lobularis' 24p
Snowdrop Galanthus nivalis 22p
Wood Anemone Anemone nemorosa 22p
Ramsons / Wild Garlic Allium ursinum 21p
Snakes Head Fritillary ** Fritillaria meleagris 22p

* Whilst we build up stocks of this true native daffodil we only have a very limited supply to sell. The 'lobularis' variety looks and behaves in the same way as the true native and has been used successfully in habitat creation projects.

** Of Dutch provenance. There are no commercial supplies of native seed origin.


We supply over 150 species of nursery grown, native provenance (British origin) wildflower plants. Available as seedling plugs and semi-mature and mature plants to suit your requirements.

Check out pages 10 & 11 of our online Catalogue.


Our list of planting accessories will ensure full protection and care for your planting scheme.


Please phone, fax or email your order through. You can pay by credit card (but do not send credit card details via e-mail) or send a cheque with your order payable to "British Trees & Shrubs" (or an official order form or headed paper if you have an account)and allow 14 days for delivery.

We regret that we are not open to personal callers - we are strictly mail order only.


Minimum order quantities apply.


If you are a trade customer or have a large order just e-mail or fax (01225 840080) your list through for an individual quotation.

Quantity discount for bulbs: 5% on 500 bulbs or more. 10% on 1000 or more


Will be charged at 10% of order value


Either send a cheque with your order or let us contact you by phone to take your credit card details.

Please note that VAT is due on bulb and dispatch costs.